Better Construction

Every installer can tell you stories of "Factory" cabinets coming apart during installation, since most are merely glued & stapled together.

Not our cabinets, as we are one of the few remaining companies that still use commercial casework construction for maximum durability. This is especially important when installing in a room with walls that are out of square, as many homes are, where the installer must really torque the cabinets in place to make them fit properly.

Another reason we go to such extremes is because in a large rental home the cabinets must hold enough dishes, silverware & glasses for 20 – 40 people, which is 4 times the weight that "Factory" cabinets are built to hold. Using screws for assembly instead of glue and staples is the only way to ensure the long term durability required for rental home cabinets.

Whether faced with abusive renters, 200 lbs of stoneware, or a 800 lb slab of granite, our cabinets are built to take it for many years to come.

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